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John S. McCain POW CIA-Defense Department Documents

 World War II Technical Manuals

World War II
Technical Manuals

10,440 pages of World War II technical manuals. The 57 technical manuals date from 1941 to 1945. Some of the material was not officially declassified until February of 2005.

Highlights among the material includes:

TM 9-280 Caliber .22 Rifles, All Type

This technical manual was published for those using arms and services. It contains a description of the caliber .22 rifles, as well as technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the materiel. The rifles covered include the following: U.S., Caliber .22, M1922; Rifle, U.S., Caliber .22, M1; Rifle, U.S., Caliber .22, M2; Remington rifle, caliber.22, model 513T; Stevens rifle, caliber .22, model 416-2; Winchester rifle, caliber .22, model 75. Topics covered include descriptions, functions, operation, malfunctions and corrections, care and prevention, disassembly and assembly, inspection, ammunition, accessories, storage and shipment, operation under normal and unusual conditions.

TM 9-285 Shotguns, All Types

This technical manual was published to give information and guidance to personnel using arms charged with the operation, maintenance and minor repair of this materiel. This technical manual contains information necessary for the identification, operation, care, and cleaning of the shotguns. In addition is included the disassembly and assembly of the guns for the purpose of cleaning and lubrication, and available information on ammunition.

A general description of the gun for identification, together with such identification marks as may be found upon the gun, are given at the beginning of the section pertaining to the gun in question. The shotguns covered in this technical manual are of various makes, models, and types. In some cases different models of the same make differ widely in design, in others the differences are principally in detail of design. Each make of gun herein is treated separately and where there is extreme variation in model, the model is treated as a separate gun. Where slight variations occur in different models of the same make, they are grouped and the differences explained as they occur.

Instructions for disassembly and assembly, and special care and maintenance are covered in the section pertaining to the gun, while cleaning, lubrication, and general maintenance, which are more or less common to all the guns, are covered in one section. Separate sections cover, Stoppages and immediate action, Special maintenance, Materiel affected by gas, and Ammunition.

Shotguns covered in this technical bulletin are: Winchester Repeater 12-Gage M97; Remington Repeater 12-Gage M10; Winchester Repeater 12-Gage M12; Remington Repeater 12-Gage,M31; Stevens Repeater 12-Gage M620A; Remington Auto-loading 12-Gage M11; Stevens Repeater 12-Gage M520; Remington Auto-loading 12-Gage Sportsman; Stevens Repeater 12-Gage, M620; Savage, Auto-loading, 12-Gage, M720; Ithaca Repeater, 12-Gage, M37.

TM 9-1311 75-mm Gun M4 and Airplane Mount M6

The 75-mm Gun M4 was a modification of the 75-mm Gun M3, adapted for use in aircraft. The instructions contained in this technical manual were for the information and guidance of the ordnance maintenance personnel charged with the maintenance and repair of the 75-mm aircraft gun. This technical manual contains detailed instructions for inspection; disassembly and assembly; maintenance and repair; and packing, shipment, and storage of the 75-mm Gun M4 and Airplane Mount M6.

TM 9-1326 105-mm Howitzer M3 and Howitzer Carriages M3 and M3A1

This technical manual contains detailed instructions for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of the 105-mm Howitzer M3 and 105-mm Howitzer Carriages M3 and M3A1. This weapon was designed to provide for direct or indirect fire. The howitzer fired three types of projectiles: SHELL, H.E.A.T., M67; SHELL, H.E., M1; and SHELL, smoke, H.C., B.E., M84. Ammunition for this weapon was loaded with "quick" powder, which burns more rapidly than that used with the 105-mm Howitzers M2 and M2A1. The maximum range was 8,300 yards. For short bursts, the rate of fire may be four rounds per minute. For prolonged periods, the rate may be two rounds per minute.

TM 30-410 Handbook on German Forces

The purpose of this handbook was to describe the German military machine. Sections include:

THE GERMAN MILITARY SYSTEM: The German Soldier, The High Command, Organization of the Army for War, Functions of the Corps Area, Conscription, Replacement, and Training.

ORGANIZATION OF THE FIELD FORCES: Over-all Field Organization, High Command in the Field, Organization of Higher Headquarters, Principles and Trends in Unit Organization and Equipment, Divisions, Combat Troops, Service Troops.

OTHER MILITARY AND AUXILIARY ORGANIZATIONS: SS and Police, Auxiliary Organizations, Other Party Organizations, Emergency Defense of German Soil.

TACTICS: General Tactical Doctrines, Reconnaissance, Marches, Offensive, Defensive, Retrograde Movements, Minefields, Special Operations.

FORTIFICATIONS AND DEFENSES: Doctrine of Fortifications, Characteristics of Fortifications.

SUPPLY, EVACUATION, AND MOVEMENTS: Higher Organization of Supply, System of Supply within Germany, System of Supply of the Field Army, Maintenance Requirements, Evacuation, Troop Movements.

WEAPONS: Small Arms, Mortars, Artillery, Self-propelled Artillery, Armored Vehicles, Rocket Weapons, Grenades, Other Weapons.

EQUIPMENT: Automotive Equipment, Artillery Fire Control Equipment, Signal Equipment, Engineer Equipment, Chemical Warfare, Cooking Equipment.

UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA, AND INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT: Army Uniforms, Army Insignia, Air Force Uniforms and Insignia, Elite Guard Uniforms and Insignia, Decorations, Auxiliary Forces and Semi-Military Organizations, Individual Equipment.

GERMAN AIR FORCE: Air Force High Command, Chain of Command, Air Force Arms and Services, Army and Navy Cooperation, Equipment, Training, Tactics.

TM E9-803 German Volkswagen

This technical Manual contains information on the operation and maintenance of the German Volkswagen as well as descriptions of the major units and their functions in relation to the other components of the vehicle. The Volkswagen was a four-wheeled, rubber-tired, rear axle drive personnel carrier and reconnaissance car, comparable in purpose and size to the American 1/4-ton 4x4 truck.

This technical manual has the following arrangement:(1) Part One, Introduction, contains description and data. (2) Part Two, Operating Instructions, contains instructions for the operation of the vehicle, with description and location of the controls and instruments. (3) Part Three, Maintenance Instructions, contains information needed for the performance of the scheduled lubrication and preventive maintenance services, and instructions for maintenance operations which can ordinarily be performed by using organizations (first and second echelons). (4) The Appendix contains instructions for shipment and limited storage, and a list of references which may provide helpful information concerning operation or maintenance.

Among the technical manuals included are:

TM 9-270 U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1903A4 (Sniper's) Characteristics and Operation; and use of Telescopic Sight

TM 9-280 Caliber .22 Rifles, All Types: Rifle, U.S., Caliber .22, M1922; Rifle, U.S., Caliber .22, M1; Rifle, U.S., Caliber .22, M2; Remington rifle, caliber.22, model 513T; Stevens rifle, caliber .22, model 416-2; Winchester rifle, caliber.22, model 75

TM 9-285 Shotguns, All Types: Winchester Shotgun, 12-Gage, M97; Winchester Shotgun, 12-Gage, M12; Stevens Shotgun, 12-Gage, M620A M520, and M620; Ithaca Shotgun, 12-Gage, M37; Remington Shotgun, 12-Gage, M10; Remington Shotgun, 12-Gage, M31; Remington Shotgun, 12-Gage, M11 and Sportsman; Savage Shotgun, 12-Gage, M720

TM 9-1527 Ordnance Maintenance Gunner's Quadrants M1 and M1918

TM 9-1595 Ordnance Maintenance Prismatic Compass, M1918

TM E9-803 German Volkswagen

TM 30-410 Handbook on German Forces

TM 9-721 Heavy Tanks M6 and M6A1

TM 9-726 Light Tank M3

TM 9-374 90-MM Gun M3 Mounted in Combat Vehicles

TM 9-306 75-mm Gun M1897A4 Mounted in Combat Vehicles

TM 9-374 90-MM Gun M3 Mounted in Combat Vehicles

TM 9-705 Scout Cars, M3, M3A1, and 4.2 Mortar Motor carriage, M2

TM 9-733 Mine Excavator T5E3

TM 9-740 Armored Car T17

TM 9-1305 Gun and Carriage, 75-MM, M1897, All Types, and Special Field Artillery Vehicles

TM 9-1311 75-mm Gun M4 and Airplane Mount M6

TM 9-1326 105-mm Howitzer M3 and Howitzer Carriages M3 and M3A1

TM 5-1088 Plow, Bottom and Disc Towed-Type Four 14-Inch Bottoms Deere Model 7

TM 5-2036 Pump, Centrifugal 1.5 Discharge, 125 G.P.M. 300-Foot Head

TM 9-305 75-mm Materiel, M1897 and Modifications

TM 9-456 12-inch Seacoast Materiel 12-inch Mortar M1890MI Mounted on 12-inch Mortar Carriage M1896MI and M1896MII

TM 9-575 Auxiliary Fire-Control Instruments (Field Glasses, Eyeglasses, Telescopes, and Watches

TM 9-617 Generating Unit M18

TM 9-741 Medium Armored Car T17E1

TM 9-774 Snow Tractor M7 and 1-Ton Snow Trailer M19

TM 9-782 Tractor, Light, Wheeled Industrial Type (A-C Model B)

TM 9-787A Heavy Tractor M1 (Allis-Chalmers HD-10W)

TM 9-801 Truck 2.5 Ton 6x6 GMC CCKW-352 &353

TM 9-803 1 1/2 Ton 4x4 Truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)

TM 9-808 3/4 Ton 4x4 Truck (Dodge)

TM 9-816 4 to 5-Ton 4x4 Tractor Truck (Autocar Model U-7144T)

TM 9-821 2 1/2 Ton 4 x 2 Truck (Federal)

TM 9-834 Vehicular General Purpose Unit Equipment

TM 9-867 Maintenance and Care of Hand Tools

TM 9-882 7-ton Semitrailer, Panel Cargo (Edwards, Gramm, and Nabors)

TM 9-891 Semitrailer, 6-Ton Payload, 10-Ton Gross, 2-Wheel, Fuel Tank, 2000-Gallon

TM 9-1575 Ordnance Maintenance Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, And Clocks

TM 9-1580 Ordnance Maintenance Battery Commander's Telescope M1915A1

TM 9-1582 Ordnance Maintenance Panoramic Telescope M8

TM 9-1596 Ordnance Maintenance Compass M2

TM 9-1611 Ordnance Maintenance Field Glass, Type EE

TM 9-1709 Ordnance Maintenance Chassis and Body for Scout Cars M3A1

TM 9-1710 Ordnance Maintenance Power Train (Axles, Transmission, and Propeller Shaft) for Half-Track Vehicles

TM 9-1710C Ordnance Maintenance Chassis and Body for Half-Track Vehicles

TM 9-1752 Ordnance Maintenance Auxiliary Generator (Homelite Model HRH-28) for Medium Tanks M3

TM 12-223 Reception Center Operations

The disc contains a text transcript of all recognizable text embedded into the graphic image of each page of each document, creating a searchable finding aid. Text searches can be done across all files on the disc.


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