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 Black History Month Documents Compilation

African-American History Documents
BACM Research/PaperlessArchives.com Collection Compilation
43 Document Research Sets
55,500 Pages on 2 DVD-ROMs

African-American History Month Compilation DVD-ROM 2
African-American History Month Compilation DVD-ROM 1

African-American History Document Compillation
Two DVD-ROMs For Windows & MAC
Price: $49.00


Among the many highlights this collection allows you to:

Read testimony from African-Americans made to Congress in the 1870's about the dissolution of civil efforts made during Reconstruction.

Listen to audio of actual formally enslaved-persons relating their life experiences.

See every issue of the first newspaper ever published by African-American Journalists.

Review the scrutiny the FBI placed on individuals including Coretta Scott King, Jackie Robinson, Josephine Baker, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Paul Robeson, Richard Wright, Sonny Liston, Thurgood Marshall, W.E.B DuBois, Wallace D. Fard, and Michael Jackson.

Read through the trial transcripts of two iconic civil rights struggle era trials; The trial of those accused in the death of Emmit Till; The trial of those accused in the deaths of three civil rights workers,  James Chan,  Andrew Goodman, and Michael Henry Schwerner, the "Mississippi Burning" case.

Read the FBI reports covering information from an FBI informant who was among the group that murdered Viola Liuzzo.

See the Memphis Police Department homicide report covering the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Read Earl Warren's handwritten notes on the opinion for the decision in Brown et al. v. Board of Education of Topeka.

Have access to the public papers of the first six months of the presidency of the first African-American president of the United States Barack Obama.


Includes the following previously published BACM Research/PaperlessArchives.com collections

Click collection title for full description.

African American Newspaper: Freedom's Journal -  March 16, 1827 - March 28, 1829
620 Pages, all 103 issues of Freedom's Journal ever published, America's First African-American newspaper.

Alabama Civil Rights Worker Viola Liuzzo Murder - Alabama KKK FBI Files
1,500 pages of FBI files covering the investigation of the Viola Liuzzo murder. Viola Liuzzo was a 39-year-old white mother and a civil rights worker from Detroit who came to Alabama to help with voter registration. She was murdered March 25, 1965 en route to a civil rights meeting.

African American Slave Audio Recordings
7 hours 33 minutes of audio recordings and 232 pages of transcripts of interviews of former African American slaves.

African-American Slave Testimonies and Photographs
9,700 pages of primary source oral history documents containing the testimonies of former African American Slaves, and 401 photographs.

Amistad Slave Revolt Case Documents
260 pages of printed text and documents related to the Amistad slave revolt case.

Black Panther Party FBI Files
2,895 pages of files copied from FBI Headquarters covering the Black Panther Party.

Brown et al. v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas Case Documents
729 pages of documents related to the Brown v. Board of Education Topeka, Kansas case.

Civil War: 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Commander Robert G. Shaw Letters & Papers
1,104 pages of letters written by, and papers related to Colonel Robert G. Shaw, commander of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, one of the first official African-American units in the United States during the Civil War, copied from material held by the Houghton Library

Deacons for Defense and Justice FBI Files
1600 pages of FBI files covering the DDJ.

Emmett Till Murder Documents
1,365 pages of FBI, White House, and State of Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Files, and trial transcripts related to the murder of Emmett Till.

Jackie Robinson FBI Files
131 pages of files copied from FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Josephine Baker FBI Files
471 pages of files copied from FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., covering Josephine Baker.

Ku Klux Klan Conspiracy 1871 Congressional Testimony Documents
7,012 pages of Congressional testimony published in 1872 on the Ku Klux Klan activity.

Malcolm X FBI Files
4065 pages of FBI files covering Malcolm X, first identified in the files as Malcolm K. Little.

Martin Luther King Jr./Roy Wilkins/Stanley Levison FBI Files
3165 pages of FBI files covering Martin Luther King and his interactions with Roy Wilkins and Stanley Levison.

Mississippi Civil Rights Workers Murders FBI Files
948 pages of FBI files covering the investigation of the 1964 murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi. Includes correspondence, memorandums, and reports on the investigation of the murders of Michael Henry Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney. The FBI code name for the case was MIBURN (Mississippi Burning).

Mississippi Burning Murders Trial Transcript - 2,897 pages - Trial Transcripts in the case United States v. Price, et al. (also known as the "Mississippi Burning" incident) 1967. - These trial transcripts were created as a result of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division's 1967 prosecution of individuals charged with the violation of the civil rights of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner in the United States v. Price, et al. (also known as the "Mississippi Burning" incident).

The Crisis - NAACP Magazine (1910 - 1923)
7,800 pages of The Crisis magazine, every issue published from its first issue, November 1910, through October 1923.

Paul Robeson FBI Files
2680 pages of FBI files covering Paul and Eslanda Robeson.

Richard Nathaniel Wright FBI Files
169 pages of FBI files covering Richard Nathaniel Wright.

Slavery Political Cartoons: 1789 – 1880
174 images of political cartoons dating from 1789 to 1880, dealing with slavery and abolitionism, and its relationship and its influence on American public life.

Sonny Liston FBI Files
126 pages of former heavy weight boxing champion, Sonny Liston, FBI files.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) FBI Files
2,800 pages of FBI files covering the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

 Thurgood Marshall FBI Files
1394 pages of FBI files covering Thurgood Marshall. Files contain records relating to Marshall's activities with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and background investigations conducted in connection with his appointment as a Federal Judge and Supreme Court Justice.

Tupac Shakur FBI Files & Police Files
119 pages of FBI Files & police files connected to rapper Tupac Shakur.

W.E.B. Dubois FBI Files
927 pages of FBI files covering the FBI investigations of W.E.B. DuBois.

Wallace D. Fard/Nation of Islam FBI Files
816 pages of FBI files covering Wallace D. Fard. Information about Wallace D. Fard, also called Wallace Fard Muhammad, or Walli Farrad, who is said to be the original founder of the Black Muslim movement.


This collection includes the following titles that are not currently available for sale on PaperlessArchives.com

Nelson Mandela FBI & State Department Files - 344 pages of FBI files containing both FBI and State Department documents, covering the former ANC leader and president of South Africa (1994–1999), Nelson Mandela.

Martin Luther King Jr. Lost Assassination Files and MLK Assassination Police Reports - This set's 1,450 pages of files include some previously lost files. The lost files are the James Earl Ray public defender files, a collection of correspondences to and from James Earl Ray, and a set of photos dealing with the custody of Ray. The others documents include a Scotland Yard report, audio excerpts from the Memphis Police Department radio dispatch at the time of the assassination and the Memphis Police Department homicide report.

Coretta Scott King FBI Files - 492 pages - Coretta Scott King was born on April 27, 1927 and died on January 30, 2006. She was a writer, civil rights leader, women's movement activist and a mother of four.  She is best remembered as the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. After Dr. King was assassinated in 1968, Coretta Scott King continued to advocate for a diverse number of causes until her death in February 2007.

Black Panther Party Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission Files - 173 pages. In 1956 the state of Mississippi created the State Sovereignty Commission. The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission monitored the activities of people who challenged segregation. The commission's stated original objective was to "[...] protect the sovereignty of the state of Mississippi, and her sister states" from "federal encroachment." Initially it was formed to coordinate activities to portray the state and segregation in a more positive light. As the state's public relations campaign failed to dampen rising civil rights activism, the commission put people to work as a de facto intelligence organization trying to identify those citizens in Mississippi who might be working for civil rights, be allied with communists, or just tipped state surveillance if their associations, activities, and travels did not seem to conform to segregationist norms.

Jesse Jackson Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission Files – 52 pages.

Bull Connor FBI Files - 177 pages. Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor was born on July 11, 1897 in Selma, Alabama. In the 1960's he was the Public Safety Commissioner of Birmingham, Alabama. In this position he countered civil rights protest actions with fire hoses, police dogs, and even a small tank against protest marchers. His aggressive tactics lead to him becoming a symbol of hard-line Southern racism. Connor's efforts backfired when the spectacle of the brutality being broadcast on national television served as one of the catalysts for major social and legal change in the South and helped in large measure to assure the passage by the United States Congress of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Michael Jackson FBI Files - 333 pages

World War II: Port Chicago Explosion Judge Advocate General (JAG) Investigation Findings Report - 64 pages

Civil War: Harpers Ferry - John Brown Raid Congressional Report - Report of the Select committee of the Senate appointed to inquire into the late invasion and seizure of the public property at Harpers Ferry (1860) - 333 pages.

Barack Obama Department of Defense Correspondences - Correspondences between Senator Barack Obama and the Department of Defense, dating from March 3, 2005 to February 8, 2008. 125 pages.

African-American Slavery: California Fugitive Slave Case: Stovall v. Archy - Legal papers from the only known Federal Fugitive Slave case tried in California. - 43 pages.

African-American Slavery:  District of Columbia Slave Codes - Slavery in the United States was governed by an extensive body of law developed from the 1640s to the 1860s. Every slave state had its own slave code and body of court decisions. All slave codes made slavery a permanent condition, inherited through the mother, and defined slaves as property, usually in the same terms as those applied to real estate. Slaves, being property, could not own property or be a party to a contract. Since marriage is a form of contract, no slave marriage had any legal standing. All codes also had sections regulating free blacks, who were still subject to controls on their movements and employment and were often required to leave the state after emancipation. When the District of Columbia was established in 1800, the laws of Maryland, including its slave laws, remained in force. Additional laws on slavery and free blacks were then made by the District. By Southern standards its slave codes were moderate. Slaves were permitted to hire out their services and to live apart from their masters. Free blacks were permitted to live in the city and to operate private schools. By 1860 the District of Columbia was home to 11,131 free blacks and 3,185 slaves. 159 pages.

African-American Slavery New England - Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society Annual Reports - Annual Reports: 1833, 1834, 1836-1853 - The New England Anti-Slavery Society was formed by William Lloyd Grrison, the editor of the Liberator, in 1831. In 1835 the group reorganized as the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. 1,828 pages.

Slave Ship Arthur 1677 Journal - A journal kept by the ship's factor George Hingston describing the voyage of the Arthur commanded by Robert Doegood, from London to New Calabar River (Nigeria) to purchase Africans and then to Barbados where the Africans were sold. 51 pages

Slave Ship Journal: Voyages of the Slavers St. John and Arms of Amsterdam - An 1867 publishing of the translations of the journals of the slave ships the St. John and Arms of Amsterdam. 300 pages.

Public Papers of the President Barack H. Obama January 20 to June 30, 2011 - Compiled and published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration.  This book contains the text transcripts of papers and speeches of the President of the United States that were issued by the Office of the Press Secretary during the period January 1–June 30, 2009. Includes: Addresses to the Nation, Addresses and remarks, Appointments and nominations, Bill signings, Communications to Congress, Communications to Federal agencies, Executive orders, Interviews with the news media, Joint statements, Letters and messages, Meetings with foreign leaders and international officials, Proclamations, Resignations and retirements,  and Statements by the President.  5106 pages.

African-American History Document Compillation
Two DVD-ROMs For Windows & MAC
Price: $49.00